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Supplier management with Avrios
Supplier management with Avrios
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With this article and video we would like to introduce you to the supplier management in Avrios (since April 2020). Easily manage your suppliers such as leasing providers, insurers, service partners, etc. in one place with Avrios!

Video Product Update: Supplier Management via Avrios (9 min)

Click on the image and the video will open!

There is a new menu item ''Suppliers''

The contacts, which you have created so far with the procurement, can now be found in the new tab "Suppliers" under the menu item ''Master Data''. Also, the framework contracts that were previously under the settings under "Framework contracts" can now be found in the new menu item again.

Add a new supplier

If you want to add a new supplier, do it in the menu item "Suppliers" in the upper right corner under "Add supplier".

Assign a supplier to an existing vehicle

In the vehicle file, the "Address book" field has now been added in the Overview area.

Here you can assign the stored suppliers directly to the vehicle. Click on the address book and then select the suppliers you would like to assign.

Delete a supplier

It is now possible to delete suppliers as long as they do not have any master contracts or email addresses or phone numbers assigned to them (this was a question from the online training. With this video you can see how to do it.

Further development of supplier management

Soon you will not only be able to manage your suppliers with Avrios, but also check directly via the map if your partners are located nearby. Stay tuned! So: always diligently enter the address of your supplier and benefit from it soon!

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