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How do I start the decommissioning process?
How do I start the decommissioning process?
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Here is the explanation in video format:

Decommissioning - what is meant by this?

How long a vehicle is part of your fleet is determined by the financing contract in the case of rental, leasing or purchase. If a financing contract expires normally and you do not seek an extension, the vehicle usually leaves the fleet. In Avrios, the vehicle is archived.

To archive vehicles, we provide you with a comprehensive retirement process. After successful decommissioning, the life of that vehicle ends and so do all ongoing contractual costs.

The decommissioning options depend on the underlying financing contract (see table below).

Leasing Contract

  • Return to Leasing

  • Vehicle purchase

  • Purchase and sale

Purchase Contract

  • Vehicle Sale

Credit Contract

  • Vehicle Sale

Long Term Rental

  • Return to tenant

A financing contract is coming to an end, now I want to retire the vehicle!

Avrios makes you aware of expiring contracts. You can overview this at any time under "Reports", under "Usage & Contracts" in the first tab under "upcoming decommissionings".

A corresponding warning also appears in the fleet overview and in the vehicle file under "Overview" and under "Contracts" as soon as a contract has expired.

Once the contract has expired, there are several ways to start decommissioning:

1. Under "Contracts" in the vehicle file. Click on "Start decommissioning" in the warning area.

2. under the "Changes" control icon in the vehicle file

How does the decommissioning process work?

Start the decommissioning process as described above.

1. Select an appropriate phase-out plan. The choices are "Return to leasing company", "Buy vehicle" or "Buy and sell from vehicle".

2. set a return date. This date is very important: it must correspond to the day from which the vehicle is no longer active in the fleet. However, the return date does not have to be set immediately. You can leave it open decommissioning until the date is set.

After the vehicle is returned or sold, it remains in the "retired" status for the time being (i.e. not yet "archived"). The vehicle is therefore no longer active, but also not yet archived, e.g. if you have forgotten to end the process after you have already received all invoices and documents. The status changes to "archived" as soon as a final invoice is uploaded.

Special case: Buying a vehicle from the leasing company

If you buy a vehicle from the leasing company, you can create a new purchase contract with Avrios. The financing contract thus changes from leasing to purchase. The vehicle remains active in the fleet.

Special case: automatic extension of the leasing contract

The TCO, Cost Summary, and Cost Analysis cost reports calculate the monthly leasing costs until the end date of the contract. In Avrios, the lease is automatically extended as soon as you set a return date in the decommissioning that goes beyond the planned end of the contract. This way you don't have to adjust the contract end date separately and the costs are displayed correctly.

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