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How to edit/add an Invoice Item
How to edit/add an Invoice Item
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Here you will learn two things:

1. How to add an Invoice Item

2. How to edit an Invoice Item

Adding an Invoice Item

- If you are in the Overview of an Invoice, you will see below the header of the Invoice is where the Invoice Items are located.

Next to the Line Items you will see:

a. +add

b. Show Invoice filters


If you click on +add you are trying to add an Invoice Item in the Invoice. A new page will pop-up to select the Invoice Item Type.

In the Drop-Down-Menu you have 7 Selections:

- Periodic Contract Payment

- Vehicle Purchase

- Vehicle Sale

- Leasing Return Payment

- Standard

- Tax Payment

- Fuel

Each of the Item types have a meaning to where the Invoice will be located.


Periodic Contract Payment is only used for Invoices for Financing the Vehicle, Insurance, Maintenance Contracts, etc.

Vehicle Purchase is used if the Invoice is about a Purchase of a Vehicle

Vehicle Sale is only used if the Invoice is about Selling a Vehicle

Leasing Return Payment is used for Invoices where you want to add costs for a Vehicle that you are giving back to the Leasing Company

Standard is like the joker of everything. Most of the Invoices are located here that are associated with Service, Repair or Miscellaneous costs.

Tax Invoice - are Invoices associated with Tax of a Vehicle

Fuel - Each Invoice that is associated with a fill-up.

After you select one of the Invoice Item Type the next step is to select the Vehicle or the Driver associated with those costs of the Invoice.

After that, you have to fill each field that is in the report so that at the end you can save the line item.

Once you have pre-filled all the fields with Data you can click on Save and the Line Item of the Invoice will be saved. Each change that you make will have an effect on: The total amount of the Invoice, TCO of the Vehicle.

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