Which invoices can I upload?

Here you can learn which Invoices will be processed in Avrios

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To give you a valid overview of your full costs, you can upload virtually any type of invoice to Avrios. But there are a few things to consider:

Which invoices can be uploaded as a PDF invoice?

  • Garage invoices, e.g. repair, service, tire change, main inspection

  • Purchase invoices, e.g. tire purchase, on-board equipment

  • Leasing return bills

  • Fines (if an amount is indicated)

The best way to upload this type of bill can be found here:
How do I upload bills?

Which invoices / documents should not be uploaded as a PDF invoice?

In order to ensure that your costs are correctly included in the analyses and your documents are correctly created, please note the following special features:

  • For fuel bills, we have faster ways to retrieve them (for example, interfaces). Please read here how to upload them.
    How do I upload fuel bills?

  • Invoices about the deductible for insurance claims should be created in the claim file and uploaded to ensure a correct cost summary. You can read below how this works:
    How do I record damage costs?

  • For invoices on the vehicle tax, there is a peculiarity. Since the tax is an annual payment, which is distributed evenly over the year, this is to be deposited with the vehicle. In the vehicle file you will find the field "Vehicle tax (per year)" under the tab "Master data". If you click on the font "not set", a mask opens in which you can create the tax. You can then save the corresponding document under the tab "Documents".

  • Documents without amounts, vehicle certificates and contracts should be uploaded as a document in the vehicle file under the "Documents" tab or as a contract under the "Contracts" tab.

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