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E-mail address is already in use?
E-mail address is already in use?

You can't add a driver because of the same mail?

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Identifying the Problem

The email is already in use, meaning either this exact mail you have entered is saved as a driver mail or as user mail and the beta-version of the driver-app is active.


There two solutions to this issue:
1. Deactivate the driver-app.

2. Insert a different mail, other than the one already inside of Avrios.

1. Deactivate the driver-app.

The easiest solution to never have this situation again is to turn off the beta version of the driver-app. Either you always deactivate it with every new driver/user or we can help you to completely turn it off. If you need help with this, write us anytime in the chatfunction.

2. Different Mail

Our system builds new users/drivers based on mail-addresses, if the beta driver-app is turned on. If the mail is exactly the same, Avrios will not be able to add the driver/user, since the email holds the "single source of truth". As a workaround you can use another mail or if your mail provider allows it, use a mail like "" instead of "". Please check with your IT if this works.

If you have any other question, write us in the chatfunction on the bottom right or write us a mail to

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