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How do I set up the integration with Tamoil?
How do I set up the integration with Tamoil?

Find out here how you can connect Avrios with Tamoil

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Once the connection has been successfully set up, the fuel card provider Tamoil automatically sends the electronic invoices for each invoicing period to the Avrios platform. You can set up the connection in the following steps.

Setting up the connection in Avrios

1) Click on the "Settings" tab in Avrios and then click on "Invoices".

2. click on "+Add" on the right under "Fuel provider integrations".

3. select the fuel provider Tamoil

4. select the correct organization and payment period and then click on "Generate new e-mail address" below.

Share this e-mail address with your fuel provider, stating the customer number. You can simply copy the template and send it to your fuel provider by e-mail.

​All future invoices from your fuel provider will be sent to this e-mail address and will automatically appear in Avrios.

The example e-mail that you can send to the Tamoil:

Mail to: "Your Tamoil contact person" or Tamoil customer service

Subject: Avrios connection & "Your Tamoil customer number"



I hope you are well.

My name is "Max Mustermann" from the company "Musterhausen" (Tamoil customer number 0000XXX0XX) and we need the fleet management software Avrios.

We would like to ask you if, in addition to the current settings, you can always send the fuel invoices as CSV files to this e-mail "" every month so that we can automatically import them into the system.

If you have any further questions, please write to me at any time or give me a call.

Yours sincerely

It may take some time until the connection to your fuel provider is established and the first invoices are available in Avrios.

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