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How do I create an insurance contract?
How do I create an insurance contract?
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When importing your data initially, we create your existing insurance contracts with the relevant data. Thus, these costs are displayed correctly in your total cost overview and all your data is in one place. We will show you below how to create a new contract:

Creating an insurance contract

  1. Click on "Vehicles" in the menu bar on the left.

  2. Click on the license plate of the desired vehicle.
    You are now in the vehicle file.

  3. Click on the "Contracts" tab.

  4. Click on "Add contract" and select "Insurance contract".

Filling out the insurance details

You are now in the form "Add insurance contract" and can fill in the detailed contract data:

  • General contract data

  1. In the "Master Contract" field, select the correct insurance provider. This field is optional. Is the desired provider not included in the list?
    How do I create a new provider?

  2. Enter the insurance number in the space provided. This number is a required field as your digitized insurance bills will be linked to this contract through the contract number.
    How do I upload bills?

  3. Enter the beginning and the end date of the contract in the fields provided. Thus, the insurance costs are included in the total cost analysis in this limited period. These fields are optional but necessary for the correct mapping of your costs.

  4. Enter the maximum mileage, if this is regulated in the contract. This field is optional.

  • Insurance components
    You can create the exact cost breakdown of your insurance components and the associated deductibles as follows:

  1. Activate the components included in your insurance contract and enter the annual fees and your deductible. Make sure that the fees are entered as renewal fees.

  2. Click on "Add components" as soon as you have entered the costs of the individual components. Check that the sum is coherent with your insurance contract. Make sure that this is a monthly sum. Click on "Save" to create the insurance contract.

Filing insurance documents

Once you have created a contract, you can upload the corresponding files. There are two possibilities:

  • Drag the document into the box for documents until you see a blue, dashed frame.

  • Click "+ Add" at the gray rectangle and locate the file on your computer.

Fuhrparkhelden Tip

Are your insurance costs included in the lease payment? Then you can add the "Insurance" component in your leasing contract and deposit the costs in the leasing contract.

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