How do I upload bills?

Here you will learn which types of Invoices you can upload, how to fix error messages

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To give you an overview of your full costs, Avrios can upload both digital and paper invoices.

Which type of invoice do you have?

Reading out the bill

  • Period of processing

Your bills will now be read out within the next 48 hours.

If you require faster processing, feel free to contact us.

  • Deleting the invoice in processing

    The invoices in processing can be found via the field "Invoices" in the menu bar.

    If you would like to delete an invoice in progress, click on the three dots on the far right and then on "Delete".

Releasing the invoice

Once the readout process is complete, the invoices can be released. With the release, the invoice items are assigned to the insurance provider and all relevant analyzes are updated.

  • "Bills ready for release"

    If all data is available in the invoice, you will find it under "Invoices ready for release".

  • "Invoices with missing data"

    If there are ambiguities when reading the invoice, you will find this under "Invoices with missing data"

You can fix this as follows:

Fleet heroes tip:

Try to upload your bills promptly and correctly.

  • The more up-to-date the bill, the more the incident is present to you and the faster you can release it.

  • The more complete your data is, the more value you can derive from our reports and analyzes.

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