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How can I assign Piece Price Insurance to my vehicles?
How can I assign Piece Price Insurance to my vehicles?
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Assign piece price to a single vehicle

Open the desired vehicle and click on the "Contracts" tab. After that, click on "+ Add contract". There you will see the option "Piece Price insurance"

In the "Add insurance contract" screen, you can select the framework contract that you have prepared. After that you can determine the corresponding vehicle category. The start date of the vehicle contract can be different from the start date of the frame contract. The costs will be charged from the latter of the two dates.

The piece price contract appears in the "Contracts" tab with all relevant data

Assigning the piece price insurance to several vehicles

You can also assign the piece price contract to a whole list of vehicles at once. In the vehicle list you can first filter the vehicles to find the right ones (e.g. vehicle type equals "car").

Then you select all of them with the field in the upper left corner:

Then you can select the "Edit contracts" option on the top right. Now select "Add insurance contract" and choose the correct master contract, vehicle category and start date:

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