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How do I create a piece price insurance contract?
How do I create a piece price insurance contract?
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Piece price insurance in Avrios

If you have chosen the “piece price” model for your fleet insurance then the new Avrios piece price master contract greatly simplifies the process by which you can define, maintain, and review your insurance costs.

What it is: a simple master contract which allows you to define your insurance premiums in one place (the piece price insurance master contract), for each of your applicable vehicle categories.

Simple assignment: with the new ability to select all vehicles in the vehicle overview, you can add this master contract to every vehicle in your fleet and they will automatically receive the premiums from it.

Easy to manage: At the beginning of each new year, if your insurance premiums change, you only have to update the master contract and the new values will apply to every vehicle automatically.

Creating the first contract

You will find the piece price contracts in Master Data -> Vendors. Click on “Add Vendor” and choose “Insurance - Piece price” to begin.

You will be asked to fill in the following information:

  • Add your Contract Number, if this information is not available you can skip it by using '' - ''.

Once the contract is created, you must create a first version and at least one vehicle category. Click on “start adding premiums” to begin.

First, define the time-frame for which the premiums are applicable (usually 1 calendar year starting on January 1st). You do not need to set the end date of the contract: it will automatically expire on December 31st, and we will then remind you to create a new version for the upcoming year.

Once you have the first version of your contract, you can also add a first vehicle category. Each category you add can have its own insurance premiums:

The first time you set up premiums for a piece price insurance contract category, you will be asked to confirm some basic setting: the currency of the contract, and whether the premiums are inclusive of insurance tax or not:

Once these settings are confirmed, you can proceed to define the category's premiums the same way you would define them for a regular insurance contract:

When the contract is complete, you can proceed to adding it to the vehicles in your fleet as described here:

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