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How do I add a piece price contract to my vehicles?
How do I add a piece price contract to my vehicles?
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Adding the insurance contract to vehicle(s)

Once you create a piece price insurance contract with a category and its premiums, you can add it to any vehicle in your fleet, or to an entire list of vehicles at once.

Adding the contract to one vehicle

Open any vehicle and proceed to the "contracts" tab. Here, when you click on "add new contract" you will find the option to add a "piece price insurance":


In the window that opens when you click "piece price insurance" you can choose the contract that you just created, as well as the vehicle category. The start date of the vehicle's premiums can be different from that of the piece price contract: the costs will be valid from the most recent of the two dates:


Once saved, the piece price contract appears in your vehicle's contracts tab with all of its details:


Adding the contract to multiple vehicles

The piece price insurance contract is a great way to fill and manage your entire fleet's insurance costs. For this purpose we also built a feature to allow you to create a piece price contract on an entire list of vehicles at once.

First, proceed to the vehicles overview page. There, you can apply any filters to narrow down the list of vehicles to which you want to apply the piece price contract (for example: filter by vehicle type to only include passenger cars. Then, you can click "select all" to pick all the visible vehicles:


By clicking "add piece price insurance", you can proceed to choose the master contract and the vehicle category, and create contracts for all the vehicles in a single step.

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