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How do I archive a vehicle?
How do I archive a vehicle?

Vehicle is not in the fleet anymore? Here you will learn how to archive Vehicle(s)

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A vehicle is no longer in your fleet but you still want to have access to its data? You can archive your vehicle for this purpose.

Archiving a vehicle

  1. Click on the "Vehicles" tab in the menu bar on the left.

  2. Click on the indicator of the vehicle to be archived.

  3. Click on the "Changes" button and select "Archive vehicle".

  4. Enter the date you want to archive on and click "Archive vehicle definitively".

You will now see the red "Archived" symbol in the upper left corner and see the archiving date in the master data.

What are the implications of archiving a vehicle?


  • When archiving a vehicle, the license plate allocation and the fuel card allocation end on the archiving date. Both are thus available again for a new vehicle.


  • You can still assign invoices to the archived vehicle if there are still outstanding invoices. These costs are then assigned to the vehicle as per usual.

How can I reactivate archived vehicles?

In order to avoid errors in cost accounting and allocations, the archiving of a vehicle is final. If you have accidentally archived a vehicle, please contact us at

How can I retrieve archived vehicles?

  1. Click on "Vehicles" in the menu bar on the left.

  2. Using the filter “Status” select “archived”. You now see the overview of all your archived vehicles and can open their vehiclefile as usual.

  3. You do not see the filter "Status"?

  4. How do I customise my vehicle list?

Fleet Heroes Tip

Is it often the case that your vehicles are temporarily not in operation? Use the "Vehicle available" field in the master data of the respective vehicle to be able to filter out these vehicles.

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