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How can I allocate costs that do not belong to any specific vehicle?
How can I allocate costs that do not belong to any specific vehicle?

Here you will learn how to assign costs to a Virtual Vehicle.

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Do you have invoices that you can not assign to a specific vehicle, but which should appear in your total cost accounting (for example, collective invoices)? You can create a virtual vehicle for this purpose.

Assigning invoice items to a virtual vehicle

  1. First, create a virtual vehicle.
    How do I create a virtual vehicle?

  2. Go to the invoice with the invoice item that you want to assign to this dummy vehicle via the "Invoices" tab in the menu bar on the left.

  3. Edit the invoice item using the pen on the right or select the name of the dummy vehicle in the "Vehicle" column. Once you have typed in two characters, the software will suggest suitable vehicle names.

  4. Click on "Save" in the lower right corner to save the change. For more information about invoice processing please refer to:
    How do I process my invoices?
    How do I fix the error messages of the invoices read?

These costs are now assigned to the virtual vehicle and appear in your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) under "Costs" and then under "TCO" for this virtual vehicle.

Fuhrparkhelden tip:

What can I use a virtual vehicle for?

  • For invoices that relate to the entire vehicle fleet and that cannot be assigned to a vehicle when purchased (for example, replacement lights purchased).

  • For costs associated with vehicles not shown in Avrios.

  • For fuel costs of short-term rental vehicles that should not be assigned to a vehicle.

  • For tank costs of private vehicles, which are settled by the company.

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