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How do I fix the error messages of the invoices read?
How do I fix the error messages of the invoices read?

Here you will learn how to fix Invoices with an error message

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In the fleet overview, do you see the orange flag with the message "Bills with missing data" after you have uploaded bills? This means that the data from your invoices has not yet been assigned to the payers. Follow these steps to finalize the bill.

Which error message does this concern?

Click on the error message in the fleet overview and then on "fix" to examine the bill more closely. What is the error message?

  • "This invoice item is not assigned to a vehicle (vehicle on account: x)"

    You will see this error message in two cases:

  • "This invoice item is a contractual payment, but not linked to any contract." (Contract number on account: 123456)

    Invoices with contractual payments are linked to the contracts created for the relevant vehicle via the contract number. If the contract or contract number is not stored in the system, this link can not be created. To resolve the error message, follow these steps:

If all error messages have been corrected, you can release the invoice with the "Release invoice" button at the top or bottom right. You will then find your invoices under "Invoices" in the menu bar on the left.

Fleet Heroes Tip:

Do you have many bills without a license plate and VIN? Write the license plate manually on the invoice before scanning it, then it will be read out, and the invoice items will be automatically assigned to the correct vehicle.

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