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Overview: How can I order vehicles through Avrios?
Overview: How can I order vehicles through Avrios?
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With the acquisition file integrated in Avrios, vehicle orders are easier than they’ve ever been before.

  • Overview: All procurement data, including all e-mails, are in a procurement file

  • Automation: Quotation and contract data are automatically read out for you

  • Perfect interaction with the vehicle file: If the vehicle is on site, all procurement documents are automatically transferred to the vehicle file.

This is how the procurement file works

All emails in one place

You can communicate directly with all parties involved (driver, car dealer, leasing, supervisor of the driver, insurance broker, etc.), directly from the procurement file; the recipient's e-mail address suffices for this purpose. The recipients receive all the communication via emails and can respond to these answers as normal, and you will see the answers directly in Avrios.

Offers & contracts are selected automatically

Avrios automatically recognizes offers and contracts in e-mail attachments and extracts the relevant data for you. You will see all offers in an overview on one page and can confirm the order to the appropriate provider with one click.

Financing data, documents & approval data taken over automatically

Financing data (leasing contract data etc.), all incoming and outgoing documents from e-mail traffic as well as the registration data of the vehicle are automatically taken over by Avrios and stored for you in the vehicle file.


Does the procurement record also work for procurements initiated by the driver / another person?

Yes! Every company in Avrios receives a personal procurement e-mail, all messages to this e-mail are displayed in Avrios and can assigned to an existing or new procurement. We are happy to help you, just contact our support team.

Does the procurement record work with all lessors / dealerships and brands?

Yes! The only requirement is that your dealership or leasing company can send you offers and contracts by e-mail. Just give your dealer/ lessor your personal Avrios procurement email and all offers will automatically be sent to Avrios.

Do I have to adjust my internal processes to use the procurement file?

Not likely. Dozens of our customers already use the procurement file without process adjustments. We will gladly help you with the benefits of the procurement file in Avrios without changing your processes, just contact our support team!

Can I create templates for messages?

Of course. Save templates for leasing orders, configuration requests or vehicle policy in Avrios and you save yourself a lot of typing.

Where can I find my personal procurement email?

Your personal procurement email will be displayed when you create a new procurement. Alternatively, our support can also tell you your personal procurement email, please contact us!

Ready for your first vehicle order through Avrios?

We have created a simple step by step guide for you: Get Started with Procurement in Avrios

Or you can simply create the first procurement: Create procurement in Avrios

Do not worry, nothing can go wrong and created purchases can be deleted at any time. If you need help you can contact us anytime!

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