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Create procurement in Avrios
Create procurement in Avrios
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There are basically two ways how procurement can be created in Avrios:

Variant 1: You determine the need and initiate the procurement.

In many situations, you as a fleet manager initiate the procurement of a new vehicle:

  • You have seen a reminder for a vehicle replacement in Avrios and accordingly start the replacement procurement for this vehicle

  • You are informed about the arrival of a new employee and have to initiate the order of a company car for the employee.

In both cases you can start the procurement directly from Avrios:

Variant 2: The driver contacts you with a configuration or an offer.

Sometimes drivers contact you directly with a configuration or an offer for a new car. In this case, too, you can handle the procurement via Avrios.

The driver has sent you a configuration/offer to your personal e-mail address.

Simply forward the driver's email to your Avrios procurement email (, you can find it under "Procurements" in the upper right corner). If you are unsure what your procurement email is, simply contact our support team.

After forwarding the message, you will find the message in the procurement inbox in Avrios. Please continue reading in the next section.

The driver has sent you a configuration/quote to the Avrios procurement email.

In this case, you will find the message directly in the procurement inbox in Avrios. From here you have the following options:

  • Attach a message to an existing procurement: If the message belongs to a procurement that you have already created in Avrios, you can add it to the procurement using this option.

  • Create New Procurement: Creates a new procurement in Avrios and automatically adds the message to that procurement. This option is useful if the driver or dealership has sent you a quote on a procurement that has not yet been created in Avrios.

  • Archive: Place the message in the procurement archive without assigning it to a procurement.

  • Delete: Removes the message completely from Avrios. This action cannot be undone.

After you have assigned the message from the procurement inbox to a procurement (or created a new procurement from the message), you are taken directly to the procurement file. Here you can forward the offer, respond to it or request further offers from suppliers.

Read more about this in the next article: Configurations, offers & orders in the procurement file.

Fleet-heroes Tip:

We recommend that you instruct drivers and suppliers to use the Avrios procurement email for all vehicle order communications. This way, all data goes directly into Avrios and you save yourself the hassle of forwarding individual emails.

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