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How do I analyze my claims/damages?
How do I analyze my claims/damages?
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To get a deeper understanding of your claims, you can now categorize and analyze them according to your needs. If you e.g. observe a frequently recurring cause of damage, you can now evaluate this damage more quickly.

How can I categorize claims?

  1. Create a claim file. You will find out here how you can do this: How do I create a claim?

  2. In the claim file, add the desired tag / category. To do this, click on "Add" in the "Keywords" area.

    Now write the desired keyword in the field. Choose your categories so that you can then make meaningful evaluations. Damage locations or causes of damage may make sense here if they occur repeatedly, e.g. "Underground parking" or "glass damage construction site".

How can I evaluate claims by category?

  1. On the left side of the menu bar, go to "Reports" and then to "Claims summary".

  2. In the "Tag" filter, select the appropriate category by clicking on the field. The claims with the corresponding categories are now created.

Fleet expert tip:

Some of our customers regularly check which driver has caused how many damages in a given period of time.

This overview is interesting on the one hand because high damage costs often correlate with high fuel consumption and a staff appraisal can be appropriate.

On the other hand, some companies also use this data to draw the attention of the drivers to the costs incurred and possibly even get them to participate.

For this information, either go to "Claims" in the menu bar and then filter for "Driver" or go to "Reports" in the menu bar, then "Driver Damage Report" and then enter the desired driver here.

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