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How do I edit driver data?
How do I edit driver data?

From tags to driver data export

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Your driver data can be adapted anytime and enriched with more information. The more complete your data is, the more time you save on later requests.

  1. Click on ''Master Data'' → "Driver" in the menu bar on the left.

  2. Select the driver to be edited by clicking on the driver name. You are now in the driver's file.

  3. In the overview you will now see a summary of the most important data as well as a history of the changes made to this driver.

Which driver data do you want to edit?

  • Details of the person as well as his position in the company

Tags and categorizations
Tags are free text terms that you can use to categorize and filter your drivers. This helps you with evaluations or views. You can e.g. chose to use the keyword "company car driver".

Vehicle assignment


Do you want to export driver data?

You can export the driver data from Avrios to an Excel file for evaluation or sharing. Here all data are exported from the tab "master data".

  1. Click on the tab "Driver" in the menu bar on the left to get to the driver's overview.

  2. Click on the blue button "Export to Excel" on the right.

  3. Save the file to your computer.

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