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How can I import and manage mileage in Avrios?
How can I import and manage mileage in Avrios?

Here you will learn how the mileages are imported/updated in Avrios

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In order to get the correct cost per kilometer and to keep an eye on imminent leasing payments, it is important that the mileage of your vehicles is updated regularly and correctly.

From which sources does Avrios obtain mileage?

  • Fuel bills

If you have enabled the mileage input by your drivers for your fuel cards, these entered mileage numbers will be imported automatically with the release of your fuel bills.

  • Garage bills

Garages determine the actual mileage of the vehicle during each repair. We automatically obtain this data from your invoices and thus validate your previous mileage.

  • Manual input

If you would like to enter a mileage manually, you can also do so in every vehicle file under the tab "Metadata". On the right side you can see the section "Mileage". Click on the button "+Add" and enter the respective mileage and the respective date.

  • Import via Excel

If you have a lot of mileage in Excel format, and you want to upload it in one go, you can use the Avrios Excel Invoice template. Please contact us for assistance with this process.

Updating the mileage

You can view the mileage for each vehicle under the "Metadata" tab. To ensure that your data is correct, the mileage is checked for plausibility by the system. Mileages that might not be correct (for example, a lower mileage than the previous one) are discarded automatically. These are then greyed out.

Do your drivers submit incorrect or no mileage when refueling or do you not use fuel cards?

You can set up your software in a way to send your drivers an automatic e-mail reminder if no or wrong mileage has been entered during the last three refuels. Activate this function as follows:

  1. Log in to Avrios with an administrator account.

  2. Click on "Settings" in the menu bar on the left and select "E-mail driver".

  3. Activate the button below the point "Driver mileage E-mail reminder".

  4. The driver can enter the current mileage from this e-mail via a link.

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