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How do I upload fuel bills?
How do I upload fuel bills?

Here you will learn how to upload Fuel Invoices (Manually & Automatically with an Integration)

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Fuel bills provide valuable information about your fleet such as fuel costs or current mileage. Below we show you how to upload this data.

Important: Avrios does not read fuel invoices in PDF format, as a lot of information (such as mileage, fuel card number, etc) is missing. From our experience, practically all providers have the fuel bill in another tabular format, such as Excel, CSV or TXT. If you have any questions about this, please discuss it with us via the chat function or via

What kind of fuel bills do you have?

  • You use fuel cards of common providers

    We are happy to set up an automatic upload of your fuel bills.

    Please contact us for this. If you want to establish the connection yourself, please click here:

  • The invoices are imported directly into Avrios after the connection for each billing cycle was made, without you having to do anything. The first invoice that is captured in Avrios is your next due invoice. Please contact us if you want to upload invoices retroactively.

  • You refuel at a local gas station / court gas station

    These invoices can be uploaded with our auxiliary file.

    A guide depending on the data format can be found here:
    How do I upload a bill from my local gas station?

    By uploading the invoice via the auxiliary file, your invoice will be read immediately.

  • You receive digital fuel bills

    If you already receive fuel bills in electronic format from your provider and have them stored on your computer, you can also upload them yourself to Avrios. How this works, we will show you here:
    How do I upload digital invoices?

    The invoice will be read out immediately after uploading.

Releasing an invoice

After reading the invoice, there are two possible scenarios:

  • Invoice was read without problems

    In this case, the invoice is automatically transferred to the software, and you will find the invoice under "Operations" → Invoices in the menu bar on the left and for each individual vehicle in the "Invoices" tab. You do not have to do anything else!

  • Invoice shows missing data

    You see the error message "Invoices with missing data" in the fleet overview. Some data is missing, and it is not possible to clearly allocate the costs.

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