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Avrios Excel Invoice Template
How do I upload other costs (local gas station, bookkeeping, leasing)?
How do I upload other costs (local gas station, bookkeeping, leasing)?

Here you will learn how to upload Invoices from different Fuel Providers through our Avrios Excel Template.

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You refuel at a local gas station and therefore have no bills in standard format? Do you have an Excel export with costs from your accounting or other providers (leasing, workshop, etc.)? Then you can still upload the fuel bills or costs in Excel, we have created an auxiliary file for you. You can use these as follows.

1. Request the correct format

  • Ask the gas station to send you the bill in an electronic format (for example, .xls, .csv, or .txt). You will save yourself manual processes.

  • If it is only possible for you to receive a PDF or paper invoice, please contact us to make things easier for you.

2. Downloading the auxiliary file

Download the latest version of the auxiliary file "Avrios Excel Invoice Template":

  1. Click on "+ New" and select "Invoice".

  2. Select "Avrios Excel Invoice Template."

  3. Click "Download invoice template".

  4. Save this file to your computer.

3. Completing the invoice form - Version V3

  1. Open the "Avrios Excel Invoice Template" on your computer.

  2. Select the worksheet "Your data". This table is now filled with your data. Since this file is read out automatically, it is important that you do not modify this file, only fill the marked fields with data.
    Fields marked with a * are mandatory. This works as follows:

  3. Completing the invoice header
    The first 2 lines contain information about the invoice header. Please copy the relevant data into the corresponding fields. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Copy the vendor name into the Vendor * field.

  • Copy the invoice date into the field "Invoice Date *".

  • Enter the currency in the Currency field, e.g. "EUR", "CHF", "USD" (overview of valid values).

  • Enter the unit "kilometers" or "miles" in the field "distance unit *".

  • Enter the invoice number of the Invoice in the "Invoice number *" field. You can also fill in this field with "unknown".

  • Please leave the field "sentence type" untouched. This is used when reading the file to identify the invoice header.

    4. Completing invoice items

From line 6 you can fill out the individual invoice items. The mandatory fields of each invoice item must be filled for this at least.

  • Copy the date of the invoice items into the field "Date *".

  • Enter the vehicle number of the payee (in the same format & spelling as in Avrios) in the field "License plate *".

  • Enter the product name, e.g. "Diesel", "Super Plus", "Toll" or "Car Wash" in the "Product *" field. This is a free text field.

  • Enter the quantity or number of units, e.g. "1", "56.28" or "56.28" in the field "Quantity *". You can use both a "." and a "," as a separator.

  • Enter the unit of measure "Liter", "Piece", "Kilogram", ''kWh'', "Hour", "US Gallon" or "Imperial Gallon" in the "Unit" field. Please choose one of them.

  • Please either enter the net amount of the bill, e.g. "12.53" and the VAT rate in %, for example "19" or the gross amount of the invoice and the VAT rate. 2 of these 3 fields must be filled at least.

Optionally, you can enter the following data:

  • Mileage of the vehicle to be updated on Avrios.

  • Cost element of the invoice items, so that the costs are stored correctly. You can find the possible cost elements in the worksheet "Cost Elements". You can also use your self-created cost types here.

  • Country of delivery in the field "Country" in order to create valid cost comparisons. Please enter the country codes, e.g. "DE", "CH" (overview for valid values).

  • Save the file to your computer.

4. Uploading the invoice template

Once you have completed the bill template, you can upload it to Avrios.

  1. Click on "+ New" and select "Invoice".

  2. Select the saved "Avrios Excel Invoice Template".

  3. Drag and drop your bill (s) into the dotted rectangle until it turns red or click "click here to browse" to locate and select the billing file on your computer.

The uploaded invoice can be found under "Invoices" in the menu bar on the left. How do I fix the error messages of the invoices read?

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