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How to load fuel invoices where the provider is not stored in Avrios.

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In case your fuel card provider is not in the list proposed by Avrios, there is another option: the mapping file, we will create this for you so that you can also upload the invoices without any difficulties. Please contact us for this if the files fits the following requirements:

1. the file structure must always be and remain the same (please check with the vendor)

2. it must be a common table format

3. all costs must be shown as in the Avrios table template (orange fields)

If your file matches these requirements, we will be able to provide you with a mapping file. If you've already received it, here's a quick guide on how to use it to quickly upload your invoices.

1. make sure you have saved the mapping file in your desktop.

2. open the file from your desktop

3. enable the macros & content

4. click on import invoice

5. select the .CSV file

6. the invoice will be generated in your desktop, please save the file

7 now it and can be uploaded to Avrios under Invoice Template

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