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How can I add a task?
How can I add a task?
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With the help of tasks, you have a better overview of which appointments are coming up. You can also assign tasks to your colleagues.

In your Avrios account, click on the tab "Operations" then click on ''Tasks'' on the left and then on "+Add" on the top right. Then enter the title, the date and the vehicle in the mask and click on "Advanced" at the bottom.

You can now add further information, e.g. repeat the task "Every 2 years".

You can also assign the task to yourself, a colleague or a driver. To do this, click on "Add reminder" below.

Drivers, users or the current driver of the vehicle assigned to the task can be selected as recipients.

Multiple recipients can be selected.

Recipients can complete the task.

The selected recipient will then receive an e-mail reminder, e.g. 7 days before the due date.

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