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Deactivate individual fuel cards?
Deactivate individual fuel cards?

Would you like to deactivate one of your fuel cards, but don't know how?

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Is your fuel card no longer active? No problem, you can simply deactivate your fuel cards directly in Avrios.

To deactivate a fuel card, please follow these steps:

1. select the tab: Master data.

2. click on: Fuel cards

To find a fuel card, you can now click on the filter: "Card number" or search for the fuel card based on its vehicle assignment.

Let's take filter option of card number as an example:

1. enter the full fuel card number or enter the last 4 to 5 digits so that Avrios can filter out the correct fuel card.

2. click on the fuel card.

3. locate the field: Status in the fuel card overview.

4. set the status from Active to Inactive.

Now the fuel card is successfully set to inactive.

Note: Setting the fuel card to inactive does not mean that the fuel card will be set to inactive or locked in your fuel provider's database. Each fuel card must be maintained individually.

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