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How do I assign fuel cards in fuel invoices?
How do I assign fuel cards in fuel invoices?

Problems assigning fuel cards?

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In order to cover the fuel costs, a fuel card must be assigned to a vehicle at the time of the transaction - either directly or via a driver. Generally we recommend to assign all fuel cards to the vehicle and not to the driver, because as soon as several vehicles are assigned to the driver Avrios cannot distinguish which vehicle has just been refuelled.

If a number plate number is present in the invoice item, it will automatically be assigned to the correct vehicle, provided the vehicle exists in Avrios. If this is not the case, the following error message may occur:

"Missing data" is written in the invoice. As soon as you click on the supplier, you will get into the invoice itself and you will see the problem with the invoice.

In this case the invoice has fuel cards without allocation. We will fix this now. Click on the down arrow as in the picture.

Now click on the fuel card you want to edit by clicking on "Assign fuel card".

You can see which vehicle was refuelled on the invoice by clicking on the arrow on the left (in the picture "1."). Then you can click on "Create allocation" (in picture "3").

Type in the correct registration number and then click on the tick. The vehicle must exist in Avrios, if not you can add the vehicle. For more information click here.

Alternatively, you can assign the fuel card under the tab "Master data" > "Fuel cards". Click here for more.

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