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Assign fuel card correctly

Correctly assign the fuel card under the "Fuel card" tab

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In order to cover the fuel costs, a fuel card must be assigned to a vehicle at the time of the transaction - either directly or via a driver. In general, we recommend assigning all fuel cards to the vehicle and not to the driver, because once several vehicles are assigned to the driver, Avrios cannot distinguish which vehicle has just been refuelled.

How to correctly assign the fuel card?

If there is a number plate number in the invoice item, it will automatically be assigned to the correct vehicle if the vehicle exists in Avrios. Otherwise you can edit it in the invoice itself (for more click here) or you can also solve it under the "fuel cards" tab. In this article we will look at the second solution:

1. Click on the "Fuel cards" tab under "Master data" and then select the fuel card you want to edit. Click on the card number.

2. Then click on "+Add" under Assignment.

3. Type in the correct registration number and since when it has been assigned. The vehicle must exist in Avrios, if not you can add the vehicle. For more information click here. Now click on "Save" and then the assignment is successful.

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