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1. PDF invoices are rejected.

If you have uploaded an invoice via PDF or it was sent via mail, it will be checked and uploaded in Avrios, it may be rejected here for different reasons.

  1. The invoice amount is zero

If the amount of the invoice is zero, it will always be rejected by Avrios, because this value is not needed for cost calculations and controlling? In order to use all capacities optimally, no invoices with this amount should be uploaded. For documentation purposes, this can then also be uploaded with the documents of the vehicle. Please delete the invoice and upload it as a document to the vehicle.

2. The invoice amount is not correct.

It can happen that the invoice amount, i.e. the final totals do not match the individual invoice components. If this is the reason, please check the invoice carefully and upload a new invoice if it was wrong or contact support via chat if everything is correct here after all. We can then have this manually edited and uploaded again.

3. The invoice is incomplete

This is usually displayed when the AI detects that three pages were displayed here, but only two arrived or were uploaded in Avrios. In this case, please upload the invoice again completely

4. Error fuel invoice

Avrios automatically rejects invoices that are identified as fuel invoices. Please then upload this invoice in a format that you usually receive for fuel invoices and the Invoices --> Fuel Invoices field. Also be sure to ask your vendor once for an alternative format to PDF. If the provider is not available there, please choose the Avrios invoice template and upload the data there.

Special case electricity: Often the electricity bills are received only via PDF, please inform in this case simply the support, we will gladly take care of the further processing.

2. fuel invoices are rejected.

When a fuel bill has been rejected by the template in Avrios, please select the Details option. It will be shown here what kind of error it is (column and row). Delete the value and reload the table, you can then edit it individually after uploading.

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