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Here you will learn why your Invoices are not processed.

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Your bill could not be digitized - No need to worry, nothing is lost

Every now and then it happens that we can not read out an invoice that you upload in Avrios. In 100% of cases, we do this to ensure your data privacy in Avrios. Here are the reasons why the bills were declined and how you can handle the errors.

Note: We digitize up to 1000 invoices every day - each bill undergoes manual human quality control. In very few cases, we also make small mistakes - if this causes inconvenience on your part, we apologize for that.


Fuel bills are one of the biggest cost drivers in the fleet. That's why a big part of our is the import of your fuel costs into Avrios without manual labor. This already works for over 30 fuel card providers.

Did you get a fuel card statement? We ask you not to upload these under invoices. In bill digitization, the system rejects refueling bills as there are more efficient ways to import your refueling data. Please contact your Avrios representative if you want to import fuel bills that have not yet entered the system through the interfaces. We are happy to help you to create these.

Simply click on the question mark in the upper right corner when you are logged into your Avrios account.


Invoices for contracts are regularly incurred costs - i.e. fixed costs. The processing of these costs is solved differently in Avrios than for flexible and irregular costs. Invoices for contracts, except for lease return costs, should not be uploaded via the invoice tool. These are rejected by the system if they are recognized as such.

Please create the contract in Avrios for contract costs. The costs that are deposited here and reliably entered into your costing as long as it is defined by the contract period. More information on contract invoices and how to handle them can be found on this help page.

Have you never set up a contract, or are you unsure how this works? Get in touch with your contact person at Avrios. To do this, click on the small question mark in the top right-hand corner, when logged in to Avrios.


If you have invoices with the error message Missing Page / Missing Data, these were rejected by the system to guarantee you the highest data quality in the system.

If invoices have been rejected, you can examine them for the following causes of errors:

  1. Are all pages of an invoice available? If, for example, an invoice shows that an invoice should have 11 pages, but we only received 7, this invoice will be rejected because the probability of incompleteness of the read-out data is very high

  2. Is the cost unit (vehicle, driver) clearly recognizable for each invoice item?

  3. Is an invoice number recognizable? This is needed to check for any duplicates.

  4. Does the sum of all individual invoice items correspond to the total invoice amount?

If none of the preceding problems exist, simply upload the bill again or get in touch with your contact person if you are unsure. We're here to help.


This error message is shown when the uploaded document is not clearly an invoice. The best identifier, whether it is an invoice is the existence of an invoice number.

The following documents are not read out in the context of data preservation in your account:

  • Estimates

  • deposit slips

  • reminders

  • orders

All other fleet-relevant documents such as vehicle registration documents, insurance contracts, damage documentation, etc. are also not taken into account by the invoice digitization. These can be stored directly in the vehicle file.


This error message means that the system was unable to read the document. The quality of the scan or the bill must be good enough to be recognized. Invoice items must not be truncated and the invoice must be fully visible. A low quality of the document can prevent the reading of the bill.

In very rare cases, our system can not open certain invoices. This happens with a few old scanner models. If you believe that a document is clearly legible and nothing has been cut, you can upload it again at any time. Once it has been opened on your computer and uploaded again, our system should be able to open the file as well.


This error message means that we already had this invoice in the system. It will not be read out a second time so as not to falsify your data. If you think that the invoice still has to be read, just upload it again. Otherwise, you can ignore these files.

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