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How do I fix error messages for fuel bills?
How do I fix error messages for fuel bills?

Here you will learn how to fix the error messages in your fuel Invoice.

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In the fleet overview, do you see the orange flag with the message “Invoices with missing data" after you have uploaded fuel bills? This means that the data from your invoices has not yet been assigned to the payers. Follow these steps to finalize the bill.

Identification and correction of the errors

  1. Click on the error message and select the appropriate invoice by clicking on it.

  2. You will now see the invoice with more details. On the left under the invoice header you will find the error message with a white cross on a red background. Which error message do you see?

Is there an invoice item in your invoice that can not be assigned to a single vehicle (for example, fuel card fees, service fees, invoice shipping fees)? You can assign these costs to a virtual vehicle.

Releasing the fuel bill

As soon as you have corrected the error messages, these invoice items are released.

You will now find your invoice under "Invoices" in the menu bar on the left. Now, the costs and mileage are assigned to the appropriate payers.

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