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How do I set the model for a vehicle?
How do I set the model for a vehicle?

Here you will learn how to manually change the Mark & Model of a Vehicle

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You can enter the vehicle model manually if it has not yet been determined via the VIN. Click on the model at the top right of each vehicle:

Click on "Reset model and re-select":

You have 3 options to do so:

Look for a model based on the VIN

  • Based on the VIN (Vehicle identification number) a query can be made in the manufacturer database. The vehicle model as well as other vehicle-specific data are thus automatically filled out for you.

  1. Enter the VIN, which can be found in the vehicle registration form.

  2. Click on the magnifying glass to start the search.

  3. If no model could be found, read the next point.

For more details on your VIN query, please continue reading here:

Manual model search

  • If the model could not be found with the VIN query, you can manually select the model from the database.

  1. Click on the "Select model" tab.

  2. Select the correct vehicle type.

  3. Enter the model name and click on "Search".

  4. Choose the correct model by clicking on "Select" and then on "Save".

  5. If you select the model manually, however, no additional manufacturer data is automatically filled in, as this data is only available for the VIN query.

  6. If you can not find the correct model, please read the next point.

Manual model input

  • If you have not found the right model with either the VIN or the model search, you can also fill this information in manually:

  1. Click on "Capture model".

  2. Select the correct vehicle type, manufacturer and model.

  3. Click on "Create" and then on "Save".

You have now stored the model in the Avrios database and can find it in the selection during the next model search.

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