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Restricting alerts and notifications
Restricting alerts and notifications

Are you recieving alerts for a Vehicle(s)? Here you will learn how to turn alerts or on off.

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This feature gives us control over what alerts you see about missing data and when you want to receive alerts.

The settings can be found in the "Overview" tab for the vehicle. You can open the settings by clicking on the blue text marked in the picture.

The notification and alert settings will open once you click on the text. First, you'll see the settings for email messages that let you decide if you want to receive premium fuel warnings for the respective vehicle. In addition, you can decide who should receive emails regarding missing mileage.

In the next section you can decide what kind of data you want to see warnings for in your reports. If the box is ticked, you will see warnings in the reports.

Finally, you can decide in which outlier analyses a vehicle should be listed, if it is an outlier.

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