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How do I map a change in drivers?
How do I map a change in drivers?
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Does the driver change for an existing vehicle? How to update your data for a complete driver history:

  1. Click on the plus at the top left.

  2. Select "Driver Change".

  3. Search for the desired vehicle in the field "Vehicle *" and select it with one click.

  4. In the "Driver *" field, look for the driver who will take over the vehicle. Is the driver not displayed in the system? Then click on the blue text "Create new driver" and fill out the required fields marked with *. The e-mail address is necessary for automatic e-mail reminders to the driver.

  5. Enter the date on which the change should take place. Here you can also select a time.

  6. Optionally, you can already enter a replacement date, i.e. the time at which the driver returns the vehicle.

  7. Click "Save" to apply the changes.
    With the entry of the new driver, the replacement date is automatically set for the previous driver.

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