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How do I upload paper invoices?
How do I upload paper invoices?

Here you will learn how to upload PDF-Invoices Manually & Automatically (via SmartScan).

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You can upload any type of paper bills. So you can make sure that all your fleet costs are recorded and all your documents are in one place.

Which output format does your scanner have?

The paper bill must first be digitized by scanning. We support PDF, TIF, PNG and JPG invoices. What is the setting of your scanner?

  • Scan is saved as a document on your computer

  1. Scan the bill.

  2. Log in to Avrios.

  3. In the fleet overview, click on "+ New" in the upper right corner and select "Invoice".

  4. Click on "Paper / PDF Invoice".

  5. Now you have two options:

  • Drag and Drop

  1. Open the folder on your computer where the scanned invoices have been saved.

  2. Select these and drag them with the mouse into the dashed square. The bills will now be uploaded.

Browse the computer

  1. In the text in the dashed rectangle click on the blue font "click here to browse"

  2. Now select the folder and the documents you want to upload (multiple choices are possible). Then click on "Open".

  3. The bill will now be uploaded.

The bill will be uploaded automatically.

Fleet Heroes tip:

  1. We recommend setting up a speed dial button on your scanner. So you can automatically upload your invoices in Avrios with a push of a button. To do this, you must save the company-specific billing email address in the scanner and press the speed dial key while scanning your bills.

  2. Does your finance department scan the fleet bills? Then you can also specify the company-specific billing email address there, so that the bills are automatically uploaded to Avrios and you do not need to scan them again.

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