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How do I release an invoice without an error message?
How do I release an invoice without an error message?

Here you will learn how to fix any issue with invoices.

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In order to ensure that your invoice has been correctly read out and assigned, we have set up an invoice release option for you.

How can you check the digitized invoice?

  1. You can find your invoices which were read out in the fleet overview under "Invoices ready for release". Click on this text and then on "View invoice" to get to the invoice view.

  2. Click on the eye in the upper right corner to view the original invoice. Based on the original invoice, you can check whether the invoice was read out correctly. Are the cost types correct? Have all cost items been assigned to the right vehicles? Are the invoice amounts correct?

How can you make changes?

  • To edit data in the invoice header, such as the date of invoice, just click on the position and then make the change.

  • To edit a bill item, click on the pencil on the right and change the desired field.

  • If you want to make the same adjustment for several invoice items, you can do this by ticking the box on the left. More information can be found here:

  • How do I process my invoices?

  • If you can not make an adjustment or you are not satisfied with the bill, please click on "Report a problem" in the top right corner and we will personally take care of adjusting your bill.

How can you release the bill?

If you agree with all the data, click on "Release invoice" in the upper right corner. Now all analyzes and reports will be updated with this data.

The uploaded invoice can be found under the "Invoices" tab in the menu bar on the left and also in the vehicle file of the assigned vehicle under the "Invoices" tab.

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