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How do I upload digital fuel bills?
How do I upload digital fuel bills?

Here you will learn how to upload Fuel Invoices in Avrios.

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  1. Uploading bills

  1. Click the blue + sign at the top and select "Import Invoice".

  2. Click on "Fuel bill".

  3. Select your biller (for example "DKV", "Aral", "Volkswagen Leasing").

  4. Choose the correct invoice format, if asked.

  5. Click on “Continue".

  6. Drag and drop your bill (s) into the dotted rectangle until it turns blue or click on "Click here to browse" to find and select the billing file on your computer.

  1. Checking the process

    The invoice will now be read out automatically. Once this process is complete, you will find the invoice under "Invoices" in the menu bar on the left.

    If you have invoices in PDF format, request the invoice in electronic format from your supplier or contact us.

    How do I link my fuel bills?

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